Identidad Diferida, 2016.
Dimensions variable.
Ceramic, stoneware.
Intervention at the Isidro stream.
San Ramon, Peru

Maternal Link.2011.
Glass, Iron, Wood.
200 x 170 cm.
Sculpture intervention

Memory Cube, 2014.
250 cm x 250 cm.
Construction and demolition wastes from the LUM.
Intervention around the city of Lima, a museum on the move.
In response to the Museum El Lugar de la Memoria, la Tolerancia y la Inclusión Social (LUM).
Lima, Peru

Natural kids,2012.
Dimensions variable.
(Collaborative art show).
Lima, Peru

Red Memory, 2012.
320 x 250 x 1500 cm.
Stencil on thick plastic film.
Site-specific intervention at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Perú (PUCP).
In response to the Plaza de la memoria.
Lima, Peru

“Red memory” – Detail

(Connecting a forgotten memory site.) Collaboration piece.

Urban Weight, 2015.
80 x 100 x 15 cm.
Illegal logging wood-waste.
Sculpture installation.
San Ramon, Peru

Reflections, upcoming project (2018-2019).
40 x 450 x 280 cm.
Light, rock and water.
Site-specific sculpture.
Documentation, first 3D render sketches.
Multiple potential locations, Norway

“Estorbo” 2016, Intervention.

Animated Biosphere, 2016,
Dimensions variable.
Video, fabric, metal structure, etc.
Video-site installation tunnel.
Video projection: 5 min sound and video fragment from the British. Exploring Society video at the Dawn basecamp in Peruvian amazon.
Documentation, credit to one of the participants Bayron Calderón.
Lima, Peru