Rodrigo Ghattas Pérez


[This site displays Rodrigo Ghattas' previous visual work 2007-2016, to see the artist's recent work please visit]

Rodrigo Ghattas work drifts between a range of different artistic means; event-based forms, actions, performative interventions, sculpture, and creative writing, with a special focus on forms of 'daily performativity' - exploring performative aspects and the micropolitics of daily life. The artist has portrayed himself as an initiator of temporary situations that question 'automatic' sociocultural choreographies. Highlighting ordinary experiences and analog-encountering the curious accidents, contradictions, and paradoxes of urban culture with a playful and humorous approach.

Ghattas introduces unexpected 'experiments' in public space, often through a series of poetic acts -small gestures-, by himself or others. A repetitive drifting that seeks to explore different forms of wander and gestural interaction through the city. Examining issues of cultural identity, 'social impermanence', modern habits, and urban rituals. Ghattas work is the result of a close-distance and collective production of temporary yet intimate encounters with strangers (passersby) in the public realm. His projects can often only be grasped by the traces they leave behind. Open-ended processes that explore new intimacies, mediated forms of domesticity and foreignness, and modes of creative self-directedness in the city.

“Time is a two-way street in which I find myself in the open.” – Rodrigo Ghattas

Rodrigo Ghattas is a Peruvian-Palestinian visual artist and cultural producer. The artist was born in 1989 in Lima, Peru now lives and works in Oslo. Initially trained as a sculptor, Ghattas holds a BFA in Sculpture from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Peru) and an MFA Art and Public Space from Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (Norway). He is the Founder and Artistic Director of Machaqmara Center for the Arts (MQA), which he has been running since 2014. In addition, Ghattas worked as an OSLO PILOT Artistic Collaborator in 2016-2017 and held a Curatorial Assistant position in 2018 for the upcoming Oslo Biennalen. He currently holds the position of Coordinator at UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund / Young Artists' Society). His work has been displayed and 'performed' in Thailand, Peru, USA, Norway, China, Italy, and the UK. Ghattas is also a member of NBK (Norwegian Association of Visual Artists), UKS (Young Artists' Society), and PAO (Performance Art Oslo).


  • Sculpture
  • Visual arts
  • Cultural Managing
  • Ceramics
  • Public art
  • Creative writing
  • Installation